Rhema Bible Church

We started making use of Street Poles Ads in early 2012. At this stage our church was only 4 years old, and the ads immediatley caught the attention of the media. Our church was featured in the City Press, Sunday Times, Die Son and Beeld (twice). So the impact was immediate and notable!

We have been doing the ads consecutively except for one year of downtime in 2017, during which felt the impact in a big way.

Since our ads went up again this year, after the break of 2017, the difference has been remarkable.

  • Our first time visitor count has more than doubled.
  • Visits to, and downloads from, our website has climbed significantly.
  • Our social media interaction has notably increased. From people in the region who saw the Street Pole Ads and then looked us up on the different platforms (mostly Facebook).
  • Google searches and interactions have almost doubled. Our searches climbed by an average of 1000 searches per month since the Hendrik Potgieter sites went up and our “Ask For Directions” climbed by several hundred. We have also noticed an increase in the number of calls to our office.