Soweto Canoe & Recreation Club (SCARC)

The Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club (SCARC) is an ADreach social development initiative that aims to uplift previously disadvantaged communities, such as Soweto, through the power of sport.

The brainchild of ADreach CEO, Brad Fisher, SCARC is giving the youth of the historic township an opportunity to better their lives.

The club has produced some of the most exciting up and coming paddlers in the country; including Siseko Ntondini who become the first black South African to receive a podium place at the Hansa Fish Canoe Marathon in 2015.

The partnerships and stories of hope from the club are so powerful that they have inspired a movie called Beyond The River – a true story based on Siseko’s journey to the Dusi Marathon with fellow paddler Piers Cruickshanks that will hit South Africa’s big screens in early 2017.

SCARC is an excellent example of quality sports development in action, and such initiatives are fast becoming the future of paddling in South Africa.


WastePreneurs is an initiative aimed at uplifting the informal waste collectors that operate throughout Johannesburg, while simultaneously providing a professional waste collection service for residents and businesses.

A Local Community Collection Centre has been set up at the Pirates club in Parkhurst and will serve the surrounding suburbs. This hub will act at the central waste collection point before recyclable waste is transported to the Newtown Recycling station. This will save the informal waste collector (WastePreneurs) hours of arduous trekking across town to on-sell their waste and will increase their earning potential substantially as they will be able to collect more waste per day.

The waste is then sorted at the Newtown central hub, some products are on-sold like glass for crushing and cardboard and newsprint for pulping, whilst plastic is pelletised to be used for packaging materials, construction joint fillers, pipe insulation and – in time – for road resurfacing and pothole filling.

The Wastepreneurs have also been sponsored a collective 30% stake in Newtown Recycling thus ensuring true grassroots empowerment and an opportunity for them to grow into sustainable businesses.