Brad Fisher is the CEO of ADreach and the founder of the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club (SCARC); one of the company’s highly successful social development initiatives.

Brad Fisher

The ADreach journey initially began through Fisher’s involvement in the development of some of South Africa’s most iconic markets – including the Rosebank Rooftop Market and the Blue Shed at the Waterfront in Cape Town. It was here that the idea for SPAs was born after he advertised the newly formed Rosebank market by sticking 1000’s of fliers on street poles to promote it.

Building on his initial drive to advertise the Rosebank Market, Fisher began constructing a business by putting up newspaper banners; and soon, other companies began requesting opportunities to advertise their businesses in the same manner.

Not long after this, questions regarding the legality of this practice arose and Fisher entered into negotiations with the City of Johannesburg to formalise SPAs.

Determined to lay the foundations for a business which forged a way to make real change, Fisher developed the Adopt-a-Light initiative in which newly formed SPA company, ADreach, would put up Street Lights in Alexandra for every new contract signed for SPA’s in Sandton.

By the time the Adopt-a-Light initiative came to an end, ADreach had generated R200 million in streetlights for the Joburg council. What could have been seen as an unwanted tax by some was used as an opportunity by ADreach to effect real change on a grand scale.

ADreach has a number of SPA product offerings, which provide the best high exposure and most cost-effective brand advertising in South Africa. They are considered to have the highest recall of all Out of Home Advertising platforms; ensuring more people will remember SPAs than any other types of outdoor media.

ADreach believes strongly that big businesses should be and can drive growth and support for SMME’s in their own sectors by using positions of influence and resources to open up the space to uplift businesses.

ADreach has a number of corporate social development initiatives; one of which is the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club (SCARC). This initiative, which aims to uplift the youth of the historic township through the power of sport, is producing some of South Africa’s top up and coming paddlers.

Sthembiso Sibiya

Sthembiso has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing from his time at several multinationals, including blue chip companies, such as SAB, Schweppes, Coke, British American Tobacco, Kellogg’s, Uthingo and Castrol.

He was involved directly in Sales and Marketing Growth Strategy Formulation and Development at a senior level in at least four of these businesses.

Sthembiso has a postgraduate degree from Wits Business School as well as a MBA from Bond University. His unique skill set and key experience in the marketing industry adds a distinct edge to the ADreach Management team and his role as Chairperson.

As a key player in the media industry, ADreach is dedicated to transformation. Some of our current initiatives are:
The Media Network (TMN)
will be an association of key black-owned media businesses in partnership with ADreach.
Independent Media Sales Agency
is an opportunity for existing ADreach Sales Consultants plus members of our various CSI initiatives for them to move to the next level, thus creating real 360 degree development.
Event Marketing Company
With the changes in the municipal by-laws plus stricter adherence to the by-laws for temporary event advertising, it opens the opportunity for ADreach to launch a new SMME company within the outdoor industry: The Adreach TEA/Event Marketing Company
Sponsored Enterprise Development Campaigns
ADreach has developed the concept of Sponsored Enterprise Development campaigns for SMMEs. They have structured unique Street Pole Advertising for these SMMES to obtain funding from the large companies that they supply, to help them build their businesses.
Small Business Development Packages
A formidable challenge to SMME growth is funding for advertising. Amongst other benefits, like free artwork design, these packages offer greatly reduced rates thus overcoming a major barrier for growth of small business.
Independent Media Sales Company
ADreach has adopted an ED Outdoor Advertising business - Mathlo Media
ADreach is BBBEE accredited.
ADreach Group Companies