Repetition allows for more creative messaging
SPAs are generally flighted in a run of three, allowing for more exposure and extended room for creativity. Without having to restrict a creative to a single interface, campaigns can explore and expand on their key message.
New SPA mechanics mean more creative potential for visuals
While the opportunities for quirky, clever messaging are endless, advancements in SPAs now also allow for unique and creative executions through the use of die cut images and even moving parts on spring mechanisms.
SPAs offer strategic extensions of ATL campaign messaging
An excellent campaign extension, SPAs bridge the gap between what’s happening in the Above the Line communications and the in-store promotional experience. Often the missing link in the marketing chain; SPAs can set a whole sequence of events into action by driving messaging into action.
Street Pole Advertising cannot be turned off, or turned over
SPAs have a unique ability in that it is very difficult for them to be consciously avoided, thereby ensuring that your creative genius is not overlooked. Advertising avoidance is a serious hindrance to media such as TV, radio, print and magazines, which can simply be turned off or turned over.

We can help you with similar campaigns nationally, or targeted to different target markets. Here are some other ideas:

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