Street Pole Ads

SPAs are an excellent campaign extension, which form a conduit between what's happening above the line and the in-store experience.

It’s like having your own sales team on the ground, permanently, driving people towards your product.

Your brand can now own the windscreen space of thousands of South African consumers, 24-hours a day, where and when it matters.

Street Pole Ads are graded as Premium, Impact and Strategic:


Supalites are large, illuminated 8m2 signs that are able to deliver strategic and commanding outdoor branding campaigns.

Most are located on central road islands, approximately three meters above the ground, ensuring high impact and visibility.

Supalites are available at Premium and Impact rates and are sold as a run of three.

* These products are only available in Johannesburg

4sqm Boards

The ADreach 4sqm frame offers brands and businesses the opportunity to achieve high impact awareness in specific areas.

With 4sqm of strategically placed space your brand is actively promoted and highly visible to passing motorists.

4sqm boards are sold back to back or in a run of two.

* These products are only available in Johannesburg

Mall Ads

ADreach malls ads are an extremely cost effective form of media that assist in meeting your ever changing retail needs.

Mall ad rates vary according to location, and are primarily sold in Cape Town.

Die Cuts

Die cuts are creative cutouts that can be used as an innovative campaign extension on SPAs.

Costing is dependent on size and complexity, and are quoted on a job-by-job basis.

Die cuts are only available for SPAs.

* These products are only available in Johannesburg

Digital Billboards

ADreach is redefining the rules of outdoor advertising with a local network of digital Street Pole Ads. With crystal clear image quality, your campaign is guaranteed to stand out with these sharp, bold and highly effectual digital displays.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Street Pole Ads:

  • Digital adverts are¬†extremely cost effective
  • It’s easy to transition, update or change ads on digital boards
  • State of the art technology boosts your brand by delivering high quality ads
  • Crystal clear image quality will enhance your campaign
  • To find out more about ADreach Digital click here

* Adreach Digital is only currently available in Johannesburg