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ADreach’s ‘reciprocal rate’ strategy offers a win-win solution to national advertisers and local operators. By negotiating preferential rate agreements with local operators, we are able to offer national advertisers exposure in these areas. These local operators can, in turn, place their Clients on all ADreach products nationally at the same discounted “reciprocal rate”.

Tap into ADreach’s expertise, resources and reputation today, and watch your area grow!

Why work with ADreach?

South Africa’s fastest growing outdoor media group, ADreach offers you the ability to target the major brands and national campaigns that would otherwise be very difficult to access as a regional operator (running an individual town/city).

ADreach has a highly skilled team of full time “agency representatives” that have well established relationships with all of the advertising agencies (primarily based in JHB). These reps would effectively market the Street Pole Ads in your town to the big national brands and companies at no direct cost to you. Your town would also be included on our website and marketing material, giving it a national presence.

It is well known that ad agencies prefer dealing with one supplier that can offer them a national footprint, rather than embarking on the time-consuming exercise of dealing with local operators individually.

For this reason our track record shows that joining forces with ADreach will more than double your revenue. In addition, ADreach has the expertise, marketing material and infrastructure to greatly enhance your business operation.

Client base and national advertisers:

  • ADreach has a national database of more than 2000 advertisers including both direct clients and advertising agencies
  • ADreach has well-established relationships with advertising agencies nationally National presence and experienced sales force:
  • Establish immediate national presence through our seven regional offices with experienced sales staff led by highly skilled management teams

A tried and tested product:

  • Association with the ADreach brand lends credibility to your product. Our products have been designed by the industry’s foremost engineers
  • All our products are:
    • Aesthetically appealing and durable
    • Ergonomically designed, offering visual uniformity
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Low maintenance
    • SABS Approved
  • We have successfully conducted high speed road tests
  • Our cost-effective strapping mechanisms prevent damage to lamp poles
  • A user friendly slide-in system allows for easy erection of signage

Research and development:

  • Benefit from our ongoing R&D on products and mechanisms
  • Ensure that products are developed to withstand local weather conditions including high temperatures, high humidity and strong winds

Custom-designed booking system:

  • Arguably the most important benefit of joining forces with ADreach is gaining access to a fully operational booking system for mapping of streets, contract management, billings and reports – crucial to the efficient running of a Street Pole Ads business, especially as the numbers increase and high occupancy levels become key
  • This booking system is based on purpose-built software that has been refined over several years of operational use


Have your area included on all ADreach’s marketing material at no cost to you

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